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Discover the Smart Choice for Camping, Moving, and DIY Projects with Hire My Trailer

Do you demand reliability and flexibility in transportation? Enter Hire My Trailer. Whether it’s a weekend camping excursion, an upcoming home improvement project, or a move, our trailers provide purpose-built utility for the job.

For all your transportation needs, our trailers are reliable, versatile, and easy to operate. From a long weekend camping trip to moving into a home move or tackling that next DIY project, Hire My Trailer has got you covered.

Versatile Trailers for Every Occasion

We at Hire My Trailer realize this that no two trips are the same. For this reason, we provide trailers of various types and sizes to accommodate all needs. From the small 6×4 box trailer for small moves or DIY materials to the larger options ideal for camping or furniture moves, we have trailers for every purpose!

Reliability You Can Depend On

Not only are trailers incredibly versatile they are also reliable. With durability as their top priority, they can bear the brunt carrying large loads of mulch, dirt or rocks. Or if you are camping, filled with sleeping bags, fire wood or bikes. Keep your belongs safe and secure and transport them with ease in a trailer. It’s a lot easier than filling the boot and loading up the roof.

Ease of Use

We want to make your experience as easy as possible. Our Trailer Owners are here to help with getting you hooked up and on your way. Some even have different connectors whilst others include tie down straps or ramps for dirt bikes. Take the stress of hiring away with the ease and assistance that Hire My Trailer and its partner owners offer.

Perfect for Any Project

At Hire My Trailer we support all of you, from DIY projects on weekends to businesses in need of reliable transportation solutions. Whether it’s getting tools to the job site, or you have a club soccer match and need to transport all the gear for the team. Book ahead and save money whilst getting all your gear there in the one trip.

Why Choose Hire My Trailer?

Affordability: Flexible rental periods at competitive price points to align with your budget and time requirements.

Convenience: Rent local and save on the time and effort searching for a big box retailer or service station. Our owners could be across the road or around the corner.

Support your Community

When you use Hire My Trailer, you are supporting your community. You are renting off a neighbour, a friend, a mate. The money you spend stays local and isn’t consumed by a national retailer.

Advantages of Using a Trailer for Moving

There are a lot of advantages to choosing a trailer over a traditional moving truck.

Trailers come in different sizes: This means that you would easily pick out the type and size to fit your moving needs, and not have to pay for an unneeded space.

Ownership: Why own something you use once a year when for a fraction of the price you can rent it. You save on purchase price, registration, maintenance and insurance, along with needing to store the trailer. It just makes sense to hire.

Affordable: Trailers have a lower cost of rental than hiring movers, there so you can save some money this way. There is also the added benefit that through Hir My Trailer, the prices are 30-50% cheaper than the major hire companies. You have saved money the minute you book through Hire My Trailer.

Tips for Efficiently Packing and Using the Trailer

To Power Up Your Move

Plan and Place: Strategically pack all your belongings into boxes, using all the space available.

Strap it Down: When loading into the trailer, fill the space and secure the load with straps and tie-downs to fasten your trailer items in place. This prevents items from sliding around while you drive and also flying out when going down the motorway.

How Weight Is Distributed: Distribute weight equally making sure the heaviest part is over the tyres. This ensures that the tow ball isn’t overloaded or light and stops the trailer from moving around while in transit.

Price Comparison: Trailer Rental vs. Moving Company. DIY vs Paid Service. Hire My Trailer can help here.

Hire My Trailer vs. Hiring A Moving Company

The trailer is less expensive up front than what a moving company will cost, and has no additional charges. The upfront cost is what you pay.

If you want full control over costs, packing and moving everything yourself is always the preferred option.

Make diy projects easy by browsing Hire My Trailer

No matter if you are an amateur or expert, good tools are essential to successful DIYs. Hire My Trailer Can help you get to the job site with all your required tools whilst keeping the boot clean and tidy.

Examples of DIY Projects

Whether you are working on a renovation in your home or tackling a landscaping project, trailers are great for moving materials like wood, tools, sand, soil, rocks or other equipment.

Benefits of Using a Trailer

Convenience: They offer a lot of space so you can carry large items and more materials conveniently in one trip.

Cost Effective – Reduce multiple trips and save on transportation with the use of just a trailer whenever your project requires it. It is easier than  doing multiple trips.

Fit for Purpose: With so many types and size available, there is the right trailer available to suit your need. From rubbish carrying to furniture, they are available.

How Hire My Trailer Can Improve Your DIY Project

Efficiency & Reliability is Baked into our Trailer hire process:

Hire Locally: Why travels for kilometres when a neighbour has a trailer not be used and ready to hire.

Online Booking System: Renting a trailer is made easy with simple steps to follow and clear instructions.

Easy pickup and drop-off: No paperwork, fully electronic payment and rental agreement means you can do all the administration from the comfort of your couch.

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