Map My Route: Enhance Your Sales Journey with RepMove

For a good and efficient trading today it is no longer enough just to communicate pleasantly with customers and sell goods and services of a sufficiently high quality. The requirements of the modern sphere of business, trade and the provision of services are to keep pace with modern innovations that can significantly increase trading activity by shifting part of the stream work to technical innovations.

RepMove is such a novelty – a new and good sales planner and a reliable assistant in designing worker’s routes, organizing the movement of sales workers. Using this application, you will always have a margin of time and place the routes of your employees as productively as possible.

The application does great work for your business

The idea of the RepMove functioning  is to take on most of the flow work associated with determining the parameters of movement and the sequence of trade contacts, taking into account all possible influences for building routes. When you use option map my route, you accurately and efficiently construct the activity system of a sales agent, see the whole system of his working contacts and meetings, and at the same time you can construct his activity as productively as possible.

This allows you to build an ideal employee activity framework based on the latest technologies. Your sales agent will not spend a long time on slow traffic or chaotic movement around the town or region. Instead, it will move along an efficient route.

Many functions – many results

Also, the RepMove allows you to create a complete framework for constructing and correcting the sales. Using the built-in calendar in the app, you can schedule activity and trade contacts, which is very good for professional work timings. The ability to combine the accounts of different employees into a corporate system is important, where you will see how your employees help each other, and do not interfere, moving chaotically.

All this information is presented on the site , where in a few moments you can download the application and will already be on top of the first options for interacting with it.

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