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Guide to Choose the Best Real Estate Agency for You

Selling your home can be a huge emotional milestone in your life! You might only sell a home once (or maybe twice) in your lifetime! So, it’s crucial to get it right. Selling a property can be complicated there are legal, contractual and marketing considerations.

So it’s highly recommended you engage the best real estate agency for you, to maximise profit and decrease stress.

 Let’s delve into why engaging an experienced real estate agent should be a top priority, and what kinds of attributes you should look for in a real estate agency.

Why You Shouldn’t Sell without a Real Estate Agency
Selling a home isn’t a simple transaction like offloading a piece of used furniture on an online marketplace. It’s much more involved, and there are some potential pitfalls for inexperienced or amateur ‘agents’. Firstly, if it’s your own home, you likely have an emotional connection, and you may not be able to make clear, objective decisions. Secondly, you may be pushed into a lower sale price, as savvy potential buyers often sense that you’re inexperienced. 

A reputable real estate agent can deal with buyer interest and negotiate impartially on your behalf. Finally, the sales process can be time-consuming, stressful and tedious. You have to consider advertising costs, signage, building inspections, valuations, open-house timings and following up with potential buyers. And that’s not even the contract stage! A real estate agent can offer you a complete package deal including all of this plus professional styling, and handle the sale from the start to signing the deal.

Here’s a Few Things to Consider when Choosing a Real Estate Agency
Here are a few aspects to look for in a potential real estate agent:

  • Are they a local agency? Choose an agent who knows your area
  • Are they well connected? Choose an agent with good local knowledge and a database of potential buyers
  • Are they compatible with you? Just like any professional, you are partnering with, ensure you click and share the same goals for the sales outcome.

The bottom line
Are you considering selling your home in the Point Cook or Sanctuary Lakes region of Victoria? Why not work with Established Property they have more than two decades of experience and know your local area like the back of their hand! 

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