Blueberry Kush: Full-Bodied and Fast-Acting

Blueberry Kush, the favorite offspring of two legends, Blueberry and OG Kush, is a pure indica with a sativa/indica ratio of 0:100. It has a high THC content—it exceeded 24% in at least one test that is available to the public. But the amount of CBD in this strain is much, much less than 1%. That is insufficient to support Blueberry Kush as a CBD-responsive treatment for seizures and other ailments. However, it’s a useful strain for managing chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, ADHD, migraine headaches, and mood disorders. The indica effects include extreme relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and drowsiness. Because of this, Blueberry Kush is a fantastic strain for using late at night and for treating insomnia. This strain smells and tastes earthy with hints of berries and herbs. Headaches, dizziness, and paranoia are less common side effects, but dry mouth and eyes are frequently reported as well. Blueberry Kush is a well-liked strain throughout the West Coast, spanning from Southern California to British Columbia. It is also available for medical use in Arizona. In many areas of the United States, it is also frequently discovered on the illicit market.

The ideal fusion of Blueberry and OG Kush is known as Blueberry Kush (or Kushberry). Originating in Oregon, the Blueberry was the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup winner. Although the exact origins of OG Kush are unknown, the most likely lineage connects it to the Chemdawg phenotype. Together, they produce a blend that is deserving of recognition in and of itself. “Blueberry Kush is a potent hybrid that patients often use as a natural pain reliever, appetite stimulant, and sleep aid.”

Among the strongest medical strains available is Blueberry Kush. renowned for having an unparalleled flavor that is surpassed only by its strength. commonly used by patients as a potent, all-natural sleep aid, appetite stimulant, and pain reliever. Similar to other Indica-dominant hybrids, Blueberry Kush primarily affects the body, resulting in a powerful body-melt that hits quickly.

The taste and aroma of blueberries are very strong and definitely delicious. One of those medical marijuana strains, Blueberry Kush, will always make you eager for the next puff of smokey blueberries and lemon zest. Excellent medication to roll up in a fat joint for a powerful body buzz that seems to actually lock you in your seat as the night comes to an end.

The Blueberry Kush batch we were given wasn’t very impressive to look at or particularly noteworthy. This strain may catch you off guard if you’re hoping for a big, blue batch of cannabis. Actually, the medical marijuana dispensary where we purchased this strain offers its product in pouches, which are essentially nicer baggies, but they don’t do a very good job of shielding the buds’ structure. The squishy nature of some of the buds in the batch didn’t seem to have any effect on the smoking experience. It’s unfortunate to witness such fine buds handled in that manner.

Blueberry Kush Not That Easy to Locate In CA

While Blueberry Kush is not as common in California as GDP, Louie XIII, or some other well-known OG phenotypes, patients who seek it out can still easily obtain it. As more patients seek out Blueberry Kush for its potent medicinal properties and appealing aroma, perhaps the strain will become more widely available soon.

Growers should think about include this medical marijuana strain in their upcoming grow cycle, as it flowers in just 6–10 weeks and usually yields a respectable amount.

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